Acrylic Nails

Styles of Acrylic Nails

There are a few different styles of acrylic nails that are available to you when you go to a nail technician. The styles offer a variety of uses that can range from fancy dress to everyday use and will make your nails look their best, no matter what you are doing.

A basic nail overlay is when you have an acrylic overlay that is bonded to your natural nail. This technique does not add any length to your nail and looks as if it is your own natural growing nail, but it gives you the strength and durability of the acrylic nails. This can come in quite handy if you have a job where you need to type all day, or some other activity that has you pushing buttons.

Acrylic nail overlays with tips are acrylic nails that are actually glued onto your natural nail. This will give you a wide variety of lengths that you can have in order to possess the nails of your dreams. These are very common and is what a lot, if not most, of the women are getting these days when they go to a nail salon for acrylic nail sets.

The French acrylic tips are the same as the acrylic overlay with tips except the tips are actually white. This gives them the look of the fresh French manicure look that is so popular for evenings out and dinner dates. The formal look that is always in, but also looks nice for everyday nails.

Acrylic refills are needed every few weeks in order to fill in the gap between the nail end and the cuticle as your natural nails grow out. Your technician uses a small strip of acrylic to fill in this gap. Then your nails can be repainted and sealed with polish and a top layer sealant. This will remove the odd bump or valley that is created by your growing nails and make them look whole and complete again.

You can also get a French refill that is the same thing as the acrylic refill. This also touches up the white tip that is a part of the French manicure acrylic set. This will revitalize the look and keep the glamour in your nails.

A fun choice is a party nail acrylic set. Most of the time these are pre-painted acrylic nails that are adhered to your natural nails containing designs for those special occasions. However, you must remember that there is no acrylic in these nails and they are temporary. This being the case, these nails will only last for about one week, and they are extremely fragile. They can be removed with the simplest of tugs and will be lost just as easily. Extra care should be taken if you are getting these types of nails. It may be a good idea to have them put on the day of your outing so they won’t be damaged before your special event.

No matter kind of acrylic nails you are looking for, there are nail technicians that have an idea of how to get that look for you. With all the different versions available, it shouldn’t be very hard to get the nails that you have always wanted for a price that is reasonable to you.

Once you have your nails picked out, and you have them applied, it is time to start thinking of how you want them to look on your finger tips. Most nail technicians are skilled in painting your nails to match the exact idea you have. You may want them painted in a plain everyday fashion, or you might want to go wild and have designs or stencils added to them to make you and your nails stand out a bit. Whatever you wish for, all you have to do is talk to your nail tech and help them understand where you want to go form there. They can offer up all kinds of ideas that can get you the look you are seeking for your nails.

You might even think about getting them pierced. Although, this isn’t the usual, it is offered by many salons. They can drill a very small hole into any acrylic nail that you have that is long enough and place a small hoop ring into it. The look is very exotic and will be noticed everywhere you go. You can also have small gems attached to your nails to add a bit of mystique to them. Whatever your dream of can be accomplished, most of the time, by almost every skilled nail technician available.

All you have to do is envision how you want your nails to look. Then visit your nail salon and discuss the finer points with your tech. Ask them what they think would look good, and how difficult it would be to accomplish this feat. Go with what you think is acceptable for you and have fun while you are there. This is one of the best ways a girl can pamper herself.